Building Stairs on a Budget: deck stairs, basement stairs, interior stairs and concrete stairs

In this age of economic downturn, it is more important than ever to save every dime possible on your building projects. One of the most expensive areas of construction is found in stair building. There are several reasons.

First, stairs are often considered the exclusive domain of the “stair specialist”. Many people consider such a project to be well out of their range of expertise, and they reluctantly call in the “specialist”. Needless to say they are usually horrified at the high price, and often feel that they have no alternative but to either accept the bid or put the project on hold.

Secondly, stairs are usually more difficult than most construction projects because there are some very specific guidelines which are required by code, and if you get the initial planning wrong, you could be faced with tearing out and building the stairs again.

The standard or traditional methods of stair building have usually consisted of the marking out and freehand cutting of multiple stair stringers. Next, the stringers are attached and aligned and then the risers and treads are attached. This is a very cumbersome process which takes a great degree of skill and often, even the “specialist” gets it wrong.

The good news is, you can use an engineered stair building system, otherwise known as adjustable brackets. The benefits are that they’re much easier to install and only a very minimal skill level is necessary- compared to traditional framing. This system consists of adjustable stair brackets, that automatically adjust to the exact rise and run you require. The brackets are approved as joist hangers which allow the stair risers to be used structurally, carrying the load across the stair like floor joists. This kind of system is very strong and it has been tested for stairs up to nine feet wide, using only the two outside stringers. This completely eliminates the need for any interior stringers. The outside stringers then require only 3 to 4 cuts each, and the risers and treads are simply attached to the brackets. If you make a mistake, simply readjust the brackets. This kind of system is very versatile and can be used for deck stairs, basement stairs, any kind of interior stairs, as well as cement stairs.

Engineered adjustable stair brackets will  build finished interior stairs, basement stairs, deck and porch Stairs.

How will you save?

1. Little or no wasted wood because additional center stringers are eliminated  and only three to four end cuts are required for each of the outside stringer.

2. Since you only need two stringers, time is saved by eliminating the need to cut and align additional center stringers. No center stringers, means no squeaks.

3. The Brackets do the work by equally adjusting to give you the exact rise and run, eliminating costly mistakes and simplifying the whole process.

4. The system is so accurate that finished interior stairs can be built by installing finished risers and treads directly onto the brackets, eliminating traditional rough framing and up to 80% of the finished trim work normally required with traditional stair building methods.

5. Once the two stringers are built, the rest of the stair goes together like an erector set. A once very complicated job has been simplified to the point where a person with only basic skills can easily build a stronger, accurate stair and get it right the first time. See a 3D demo of how it works.

 How much can you save?

For interior finished stairs, the “stair specialist” can easily save up to $500.00 per flight because most of the traditional “custom trim work” is automatically eliminated. For most two story homes, that means $1000.00 savings. The DIY, the savings are obviously greater.

An approved “Engineered Stair System” eliminates the need to cut stringers and is tested to be much stronger and faster than conventional construction. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a do-it-yourselfer, you will build fast, strong and accurate stairs, on a budget.

EZ Stairs® products allow builders to build stairs with a wide range of materials such as redwood, cedar, tropical wood, treated wood, untreated wood, vinyl, steel, and composites. This stair adjustable bracket building system allows for customized rise and treads configurations which can be adjusted to meet all building codes for any interior or exterior application- ICC approved. It is the only adjustable stair bracket system available anywhere. To help you figure out how many stairs you will need, the website provides a free stair calculator.

EZ Stairs® introduced the new patented adjustable dual-purpose exterior/interior brackets in 2003. In 2004, it won Pro Sales Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award for new product innovation in the construction industry. In 2005, it introduced its composite deck compatibility solution and was chosen for LBM Journal’s ‘Hot Products’ Award at the 2005 International Builders Show, and again voted one of the fifty ‘Hot Products’ at the 2008 International Builders Show.

For more information, visit the website, or call 866-693-9570.

EZ Stairs® has been voted one of the ’50 Hot Products’ at the International Builder’s Show -several times. This stair adjustable bracket building system allows for customized rise and treads configurations which can be adjusted to meet all building codes for any interior or exterior application- ICC approved. It is It is the only adjustable stair bracket system available anywhere and can be used with a wide range of materials.

Stair Building Innovations Make Easy to Install Staircase Construction

Building a staircase can be a daunting task for a do-it-yourselfer as well as a pro.  Traditional stair building methods are rigid and unforgiving. If you miscalculate or need to make adjustments, then you often have to throw out your materials and start over.  Luckily there are some new products and techniques on the market that can simplify and speed up stair construction.

One innovation that has many advantages compared to conventional stair building is the adjustable bracket method.  This technique differs from conventional stair construction with its ease of installation. With adjustable stair brackets such as EZ Stairs®, you can custom fit deck stairs into an exact area, forming any rise or run required.

Here are eight advantages of using adjustable brackets over traditional stair building methods:

1- Allows for a custom fit.

2- Ease of installation: 2 stringers, 3 saw cuts each

3- Less waste of materials.

4- No math skills required.

5- Simple adjustments correct errors.

6- Approved as joist hangers.

7- They provide ‘code compliant’ rail post support.

8. Big time savings in comparison.

This is how the adjustable bracket method works:

Step one: Set the brackets on the two 2×6 stringer members using the spacers and pivot screws.

Step two: Remove spacers and rotate brackets to adjust stair height.

Step three:Fix brackets in position, attach risers and treads. Before you begin, determine the exact number of steps you need and exactly how wide you would like your steps to span.


For example, to make deck stairs up to seven feet wide using the automatic adjustable system, you only need three saw cuts per stringer and only two stringers are necessary. No center stringers are needed at all because riser acts as a load-bearing joist, spanning across the stair between the two stringers, giving you stronger stairs. Literally, in three steps you can build deck stairs. With the traditional method you must custom cut, align and support several stringers as needed for the stair width. This requires a high degree of skill.

There’s a lot less waste of wood too. With traditional stringers you cut away half the strength when forming the stair. Also, you don’t have the frustration with math and all the mistakes that come from mathematical error with the new building method. In most cases, a simple adjustment will eliminate the error. This will save you a lot of time. See what kinds of stair projects you can build.

Adjustable brackets not only adjust, but are also approved as ‘joist hangers’. This allows you to attach 2″ thick risers that span across the stair like floor joists, every 10″ or 11″ between the two stringers. This eliminates the need for several center stringers running down the stair as in conventional construction. Since there are only two stringers, you also eliminate the need to align and attach several cut stringers in order to build your stair.

Another benefit to using brackets is that they provide ‘code compliant’ rail post support. According to the accredited testing, the brackets are used to provide rail post support for any type of wood stair which meets the code requirement for 200lb. Lateral load at 42″. Conventional stair building doesn’t have a good solution for this rail post attachment problem. If a large person presses on the railing in traditional stair framing, it can easily give way.

So, for your next stair building project consider using the EZ Stairs adjustable bracket method.  It will save you time, materials, and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Building stairs that are easy to install.

Cut your labor in half with EZ Stairs’ adjustable brackets.